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Tentative Schedule of Thailand-Japan Student Science Fair (TJ-SSF 2023)

Student Projects

12 Students of Princess Chulabhorn Science High Schools (PCSH Schools), the sister schools in Thailand and Super Science High Schools (SSH Schools) in Japan


The number of schoolsThe number of studentsThe number of projects
Sister Schools122412
Invited schools
Schools in Loei Service area7147

Science Activity

Please choose one activity that you want to participate from 5 activities. We have 5 activities in science activities. Priority of TJSSF2023 arrival, students can select to participate the activity from these activities in a package. The students can choose only one activity.

Lego bridge

Students will obtain a mission to build a 100-cm bridge that is sturdy enough to be able to support the most weight using least pieces of Lego. The distance between poles is designated at least 20 cm. and 50 cm. for height.

Fish karyotype test

Students will study and align 15 samples of fish karyotypes found in Thailand. They have to cooperate and analyse each fish karyotype from given key words.

Aluminum Foil Boats Float

Students have to apply calculating skills and design boats to be able to contain the maximum capacity.

Chemical Powered car

Chemical reactions produce phase changes (gases, liquids, and solids) that can make a car drive.

Rescue equipment ; carton box

Students have to design and invent equipment using paper boxes that helps to move hazardous substances instead of touching.

How to join?

Step by Step Guide – Registration Workflow-
TJ-SSF 2023 SECRETARIAT has already sent the invitations to contact persons at each PCSH Schools. If you are a contact person at a PCSHS and have not got the invitation yet, please ask TJ-SSF 2023 SECRETARIAT for it immediately.
The English contact persons : The contact persons in SSHs in Japan, the contact persons in sister school in Thailand and Teachers in your school send to invite Students on STEP 5 **Organization Data was not found to register the organization**
Takes care of students projects or doesn't take care of students projects Participant or Operation staff or Observer
Teacher (supporting students projects) will send the invitations to students.
Participant or Operation staff or Observer SAME as STEP 3
Scheduled route on website.

12 Princess Chulabhorn Science High Schools

Twelve Princess Chulabhorn Science High Schools (PCSHS) were established in honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn to commemorate her 36th birthday in 1993. Prof. Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn is the youngest daughter of His Late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit of Thailand.

She has been an instructor in Chemistry at Mahidol University since 1985. She is also a member of the President’s Council of the University of Tokyo.

Being Thailand’s leading Super Science High Schools around the country, only students with outstanding academic achievements in Mathematics and Science are selected to study at PCSHS. Not only do they utilize specialized and intensive curricula in mathematics and science emphasizing on research activities, but also they have developed academic cooperation with twelve Super Science High Schools (SSHs) in Japan. The cooperation has included online communication and students/teachers exchange, which led to collaborative researches.

The TJ-SSF 2023 will take a big step towards the collaborative learning and teaching, and thus building closer and stronger collaboration in gifted education in Mathematics ,Science and Technology between the two countries.

Super Science High Schools

Super Science High Schools (SSH Schools) are senior high schools that prioritize Science, Technology and Mathematics and in so doing these schools will receive the SSH designation awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The program was launched as part of its “Science Literacy Enhancement Initiatives”

SSH schools with this status receive increased funding and are encouraged to develop links with universities and other academic institutions. Selected high schools are expected to develop curricula based on Science and Mathematics in cooperation with universities or research institutes.



Princess Chulabhorn Science High Schools Loei


The event is supported by many organizations.

Ministry of Education

Loei Rajabhat University

Office of the Basic Education

Khon Kaen University

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